28 May 2006

Flash in the pan!

I want to be a pineapple. Yes.

23 May 2006

My brain appears to have leaked out

through my ear. If you find it, please return to the usual address.

17 May 2006


If anyone's looking for me, I'll be having the tap water tested for illegal substances.

11 May 2006


Cricked neck. Answers on a postcard. If you don't mind, I'm thinking medical model here. Pure medical model. So sue me.

09 May 2006

Gainful Employment

Sometimes I am amazed I remain in it. That's all.

08 May 2006

Please Note

I do not expect to pay celebrity prices for pentapeptides. I do not know what a pentapeptide is.

03 May 2006

Another Average Afternoon

Him: "D'you wanna go to Heaven, love?"
Me: "Nah, y'alright."
Him: "'Cos you have to be a Born Again Christian if you wanna go to Heaven."

Heaven is not a Brightonian nightclub, then? Oh, wait. That's Creation. I couldn't vouch for it, but it's supposed to be very good.

You do not need to be a Born Again Christian to go to Creation. Fact.

01 May 2006


This post has been temporarily removed for maintenance. A picture of a sparrow was to stand in its place, but Blogspot is broken.