31 August 2008

I am in my pyjamas!

At 7:30pm!

26 August 2008


1. Jesus Band Aids
2. Hello Kitty Band Aids - not nearly as good, but cheaper. Interesting.
3. Two giant size tubs of ibuprofen
4. Two hats
5. An accessible good lame clutch bag
6a. Prescription sunglasses
6b. Accessible moistened lens cloths
7. Some books
8. Some jewellry
9. A pair of shoes which don't really fit me but I had to buy because I knackered the others and I was working again today and yesterday was a bank holiday and they were the only things in America which even nearly fitted
10. Some other stuff I have forgotten about

JESUS BAND AIDS! I can't wait to injure myself again.

21 August 2008

Things I still have not done that I probably should

1. Send postcards

13 August 2008

How Lazy?

HER: Do you have ID?
ME : Yes, here.
ME : [Hands passport over]
HER: [Looks at me severely]
ME : [Looks confused]
HER: Are you going to, like, open that?
ME : [Opens passport]
HER: That's great.
HER: [Scowls at passport]
HER: [Hands over package]
ME : [Closes passport]

05 August 2008

Macaroni and Cheese

for 4 dollars 75!

02 August 2008

All Nighters