24 February 2008

Extravagance is fun!

Even my mother agrees.

16 February 2008

Good Afternoon

Today, Matthew, I am insecure.

10 February 2008

I am totally over it

1a. New foundation (it actually stays on).
1b. New eyelid foundation (don't ask).
2. New dress (don't tell mother).
3. New coat (half price).
4. New cardigan (skull and crossbones).
5. New cleanser (pink).
6. New cotton wool (pads).
7. New cod liver oil (times three).
8. New nail polish remover and cosmetic sponges (cheap).
9. New applicators (foam).
10. New mirror (polka dot).
11. New shoes (same old).
12. New ferrules (rubber).

And then some.

What would Jesus do?

Because I think Jesus would buy the bloody dress even if it did cost £300.

*throws up in fear*

04 February 2008

Small victories

Yesterday I went on a pleasure boat and did not drown