30 January 2008

Goats will take over the world!

And if not them, swans.

27 January 2008

Just for information, like

I fucking hate you.


23 January 2008

This is not an elephant

22 January 2008

Things which are not supposed to happen #1

Getting swollen ankles on the Eurostar.

13 January 2008


I have just upset a social worker!

Do I win a prize?

12 January 2008


If I even started to tell you, you wouldn't credit it.

08 January 2008

I have been discharged!

This has never happened before!

04 January 2008

News just in

I have bigger breasts than your average French woman.

And I have done neither a Christmas nor New Year post because a) I can't be arsed, and b) I was getting drunk in foreign.

I am back now.