29 May 2007

Patience is a virtue

I am not virtuous.

27 May 2007

Culinary invention

Fried mashed potato.

23 May 2007

I have started a revolution.

This was unintentional.

22 May 2007



19 May 2007

Walking to Hove

was a bad idea.

Too Tired

to have been doing anything worth not blogging about.

15 May 2007

Yes Sir

I can confirm that your methadone is sealed.

13 May 2007

I am tired

so I think I might write a story and see what happens.

12 May 2007


with married men. Can it really be so wrong?

11 May 2007

Suddenly this week

I feel that justice may be done.

(This is not a reference to Tony Blair.)

10 May 2007

Facebook is eating my life

08 May 2007

And if I find out it was you

I am going to KILL you.

Don't do it again.

I am not really sure how I got this far, but

I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

03 May 2007

So now that's over

back to blogging about shit for the next 364 days.

I have to get up at 5am tomorrow.

That already hurts.

01 May 2007

So then

This post has been temporarily removed for maintenance. I am trying to upload a picture of a sheep instead, but Blogspot is broken.