28 September 2006

Metro is Accessible

Excessive consumerism and dubious right-wing politics, yes. But it's excessive consumerism and dubious right-wing politics in which cripples can participate fully, and by law.

Hurrah to that, I say.

23 September 2006

No, of course I haven't packed

Just in case you wondered.

20 September 2006

The Smiths

I would fly to Washington on Saturday, but I haven't got a stitch to wear. I've done no laundry for a month and all my clothes smell of poo. And I haven't got any currency. Or travel insurance. Or shoes. And I think I might be a terror threat if I take my walking stick as hand luggage. And I DID phone them and they said I wouldn't be but I don't believe them.

And I know it's only Wednesday but you should SEE the amount of work deadlines I have between now and Friday. Fuck. Seriously.

Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck.

17 September 2006

Because I have plugholes that need unblocking, too

Please can someone invent a childproof cap which isn't also crippleproof.



Well, that *was* an exciting week... And not just in Hollyoaks.

12 September 2006

You know I adore you

But for Christ's sake sort it out.


09 September 2006


what happens at 8am on Saturday mornings.

03 September 2006

Well of course I'm bloody tired

But that's my choice.


And while we're on the subject, I'm going to get a tattoo.

01 September 2006

I'm not generally an REM fan, you understand