27 March 2006

Simeon Stylites

There are times when I think he had the right idea.

25 March 2006


I am not one for making them, but I would like to go on an adventure tomorrow.

24 March 2006

Fuckwit Update

Ok, so...

He is a disabilist fuckwit who had made up a list of things he thought I couldn't do in his head, and only bothered to discuss them with me yesterday. After a year of knowing him. And he was wrong on all counts. And I work with him.

One of those kind of fuckwits. And I haven't had one of those for a long time.

As I said earlier,


23 March 2006


In retrospect, the post that has been published her for the last two hours was a bad idea. Nevertheless, it remains that I think he is a fuckwit.

And I still don't have anything more eloquent, or less libelous, to say than Jeez.

22 March 2006

You wouldn't

take your child to a coffee shop dressed as one of Snow White's dwarves. Would you?


Red Wine + Startle Reflex + Laptop = Disaster

19 March 2006

You Know How It Is

Supposed to be: Writing my novel.
Actually: Being distracted by the internet.

18 March 2006

Guilty Pleasure

Punka by Kenickie.


are good.

14 March 2006

Indian Lager

Amazing how quickly one's spirits can be lifted.

13 March 2006


If I wanted to do brain surgery, I could see your point. I do not want to do brain surgery. I do not want to be a ballet dancer. It's not that hard. People like you think it is because it makes you feel important, but it's really really not.

I'm sorry to break that one to you.

12 March 2006

Welcome to Crippledom

People, this is what Crippledom is all about:

Yesterday, I purchased a pair of fairly average shoes. Nevertheless, I was excited, because they weren't my usual spaz shoes, and yet I seemed to be able to walk in them without pain.


This afternoon, I wore them on an excursion to the supermarket, and they got scuffed. I took them off when I got home, because they seemed to be rubbing a bit.

This evening, I had a Special moment, and knocked over a glass of wine. Most of the wine landed in the shoes. Yes, I said in the shoes, not on them. They may recover from this, but I am unconvinced.

And I haven't even told you the thing where I dropped my bags on the way back from the supermarket, and everything rolled onto the pavement, so I ended up leaving a punnet of slightly soiled strawberries on the wall of an art gallery.

People think I make this up. I don't. Really really don't.

11 March 2006

My American Brethren

If I were thinking of going to Washington for a weekend in a couple of weeks time, even though I:

a) have no guarantee of further paid employment beyond the end of March, and
b) can't really afford it anyway, even if I had one of those job-for-life things (what they?),

would that be a stupid idea? I mean, obviously it would be, but if we factor in:

c) it would really cheer me up, and
d) it would confuse the hell out of some people who are really pissing me off at the moment, and
e) I mean a long weekend, like a Thursday to Monday effort,

then we start to see the value of such a journey, no?

06 March 2006


Possibly I should be using this opportunity to save the world. Probably, I'll go and have a bath.

05 March 2006

Some Questions

1) Does anyone actually get out of bed within ten minutes of their alarm going off?

2) Why is Jimmy Carr on television?

03 March 2006

If I told you

what was going on in my head, you would not believe me, and would decide that I am a peculiar fool with a persecution complex. Maybe I am.

01 March 2006

So Sue Me

I am having an 'I feel like a hopeless pathetic cripple day'. No doubt it will pass.

NB: I still do not intend to start 'fighting' my disability. This is little more than a minor tiff.