31 January 2006

Everyone Else

seems to blog more frequently than I do.

29 January 2006

Writing as Therapy

Writing is not therapy. Please. Don't patronise me like that. Don't patronise yourself like that.

28 January 2006

I need

a benefactor.

27 January 2006

I blame Big Brother

George Galloway, specifically.

I haven't written much of my novel lately. That's bad, that is.

25 January 2006

Quite a lot has been happening

but I can't really be bothered to blog it. I should apologise for that, but I don't feel guilty.

19 January 2006

New Vocabulary

I have just heard the phrase 'nasal dilator' on British television. My God.

It's a ski-ing accesory of some description, I gather. There's ski-ing on telly gone three in the morning, and an Estonian is wearing a nasal dilator.

I jest not.


is where I should go now. I'd tell you what I've been doing all this time, but it really isn't very edifying at all, and you have better things to do than read about it, anyway.

17 January 2006

Further to my Previous Post

I'd just like to point out that my use of diazepam is rare, and legal. Doctor-approved, in fact. So there.

16 January 2006

My brain hurts

It often does, you know. I think that's fairly usual.

06 January 2006

Public Service Announcement

Diazepam has really nasty side effects. Especially if you have slow metabolism. I don't actually understand the concept of metabolism, though.