19 January 2006

New Vocabulary

I have just heard the phrase 'nasal dilator' on British television. My God.

It's a ski-ing accesory of some description, I gather. There's ski-ing on telly gone three in the morning, and an Estonian is wearing a nasal dilator.

I jest not.


Blogger Damon said...

Nasal what? Huh? Why?

Do you ever notice, right, when you've got the tv on, right, and the weather comes on? Well, do you ever notice, right, that after it's been on, right, you have no memory of it at all?

It's like, "Hey Damon, what temperature is it going to be tomorrow?" and you don't know cos it like washed over you totally?

Why's that then?


Observational comedian, Damon.

10:19 pm  
Blogger Kaitlyn S. C Hatch said...

These are genius, by the by. Why for did you stop?

2:35 pm  

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