14 May 2011

Guess which one worked

Me: Hello, my blackberry is telling me I have an unread message and I don't."

Orange Business Support: [An entirely complicated answer which basically involves taking my blackberry apart, deleting all my messages, joining a coven, and chopping off an arm.]

The Internet: [Go to your main message inbox, click on today's date at the top, and click the phrase 'Mark Prior Opened'.]

01 May 2011

A Definition of Irony

It is Blogging Against Disablism Day. I had planned to write a long post about the challenges of holding down a full time job while holding down a full time disability: about education, exhaustion, discrimination, and the delicate balance between financial, professional and medical security.

Unfortunately, because I am holding down a full time job and a full time mobility impairment, I am too exhausted to bend down and pick up yesterday's junk mail from the doormat, never mind write any kind of eloquent blog post in my spare time.

Oh well.

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