30 September 2008

I am

giving up being disabled.

It is boring!

29 September 2008

I am

excited by material wealth.

28 September 2008


1. Some tickets to a good band;
2. A new dress;
3. And some handmade pants.
4. Some yoghurt;
5. An unintentional meal;
6. A necklace;
7. A friend on the beach;
8. And chocolate.

25 September 2008

I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me

They'd think that I'd finally lost it completely.

23 September 2008


I am supposed to care whether he comes home or not

22 September 2008

A cure for backache

Double vodka cranberry.

20 September 2008

My girl's been a real whore

, spending her time with Theodore.

18 September 2008

Things I have learnt about myself #1

My left thumb is not designed for button-pushing.

11 September 2008

Oh for fuck's sake

This time last year he was hitting on me.

Not that you know that.

Which doesn't bode well.

10 September 2008


Baked beans. Packet rice. Farm cheddar.

08 September 2008


Not really.

03 September 2008

Although there has been some confusion over my BMI

it turns out I am not fat.

No really.

Weights and measures and cerebral palsy aren't entirely happy bedfellows.

You see.

02 September 2008

Are you

the mystery stalker?