31 March 2008


Because really I was hoping for something a little more feminine.

30 March 2008

Unexpected news

Paris Hilton is my soulmate.

25 March 2008

Please divert all calls to my mother

I'll be hiding under the desk all day today.

24 March 2008


on it being Easter Monday.

18 March 2008

4 Day Week

I wish.

16 March 2008


Unlimited filter coffee (black).

13 March 2008

Did you think I was dead yet?

I was busy chopping off his bollocks. Sorry.

03 March 2008

But just in case you were wondering

I don't miss him at all.

02 March 2008

I still miss her.

Just that, really. I do. And at the oddest times.

01 March 2008

I do not friggin' well care

what you had for dinner.