28 January 2007


be gentle.

Things that are wrong

1. The burst blood vessel in my eye. (I look like Satan.)
2. The crick in my neck. (If you sit on my left, I can't turn to face you.)
3. The blood in my ear. (Where did that come from?)

And that's without giving you detail on the lady-plumbing thing.

It is possible that I am falling apart.

27 January 2007




25 January 2007

Will somebody please

tell my eye that it's my legs that don't work.

It's been thirty years. I s'pose it's only fair that they want a piece of the action.

20 January 2007


Told you.

17 January 2007

I think

I am going to cry.

14 January 2007

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

I have been thinking about them a lot lately.


I have just completed a story which involves a double-use of the word 'cunt'. And I feel each was entirely justified.

You may not agree but I don't care.

Thank you.

Life is strange

That's all.

13 January 2007

In case you were wondering who organised this schedule,

it was me.

08 January 2007


Really. Not just in a moany-cripple-my-knee-hurts-way. And I know. I know.

We've hardly started.

07 January 2007

Oh, I didn't mean like that

I meant like from my real life, not my virtual life. God no.

05 January 2007

See you in 6 weeks

If I could just bury my head in the sand for a bit, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

04 January 2007

Yeah, I've gone weird