30 August 2006


I go to the hairdresser. The hairdresser cuts my hair. It looks nice.

He takes out some straighteners and applies them to my hair.

"Have you ever had your hair straightened before?" he asks.

"No," I answer. "I was under the impression it was straight already."

He laughs.

29 August 2006


I have.

27 August 2006

See post before last

You see, I'm just too old to be pulling all-nighters...

26 August 2006

This may surprise you, but

Girls Aloud. Sound of the Underground.

23 August 2006

You'll thank me for this one day

Note: if at *any* point during your lifetime it occurs to you that it would be a good idea for you to do an MA while working full time, you are wrong.


21 August 2006


I have just been called Inspirational. By another disabled person.

Now, I can cope with newly disableds thinking I'm an inspiration. That's fine: "Hi, Welcome to Crippledom. Don't panic, watching daytime TV is *not* obligatory." That's OK. We all need someone to give us the acclimatisation speech and indicate the emergency exits at some point.

This disabled person I have recently Inspired isn't a newbie. She isn't a lifer either, but definitely an old-timer...

And I honestly - honestly! - didn't do anything remotely inspirational. She herself has a job, runs her own business, is active in her local community, has a fabulous social life...

... I'm not sure what I have inspired her to do. We shared a lager. Maybe she is going to drink more.

19 August 2006


I am quite.

15 August 2006

I think we can safely say

it's out of my system now. Though they haven't replied to my letter yet.

Ha! I win!


Deja Vu

13 August 2006

That last post

was intended as an explanation as to why (What's The Story) Morning Glory appears in my record collection.

There's an explanation.

That's all.

I don't think I've ever told you

about the time it emerged my mum thought Jarvis Cocker was a member of Oasis.

I was quite traumatised

12 August 2006

What will happen

when I have to think of things to do at the weekend again?

07 August 2006

I know, of course,

that I am unlikely to be in such demand ever again. It would be sensible of me to enjoy it.

I am not sensible.

05 August 2006