28 April 2006

Just in case you were wondering

I've been sitting in a dark room screaming.

25 April 2006

Here's Hoping...

... that I will participate in this on Monday, assuming that everything in my life which is currently going badly ends up going well.

24 April 2006


I'm on Amazon and everything. Sort of.

Too Old For This

It really, really wasn't supposed to be a twelve hour drinking session...

17 April 2006


You know how you've got loads to do and loads of time off to do it in. And then suddenly it's nearly eight o'clock the night before you have to go back to work.

How the fuck did that happen?

14 April 2006


The thing about that is that I am a proper spaz, and if I played golf I would be rubbish, so...

12 April 2006


Is it unreasonable to refuse to apologise for my disability? Is that not a little too much like apologising for my existence?

10 April 2006

Get Over It

[The rant that was here has been removed because I am now, myself, over it]

07 April 2006

Post Script

So you think you want it. Then you decide you don't. And you have a sleepless night about it. After which you decide you do want it. And then it doesn't happen after all.

Pisser, that.

06 April 2006

Not so hypothetical


You know how you've wanted something for ages. And then it turns out you might be about to be offered it. And then you are not so sure you want it any more.

Bloody weird, that.

02 April 2006

Nice Day

Yesterday was. That's all.