20 August 2007

What I will write at book signings when people who have shafted me come to the front of the queue and pretend they love me #1 (an occasional series)

Dear Jeremy,

I know you're sorry and I couldn't give a fuck, frankly. You know as well as I do that this book will last longer than any of your creative endeavours even though it's pretty mediocre.

Thanks again,



Blogger An Unreliable Witness said...

That's a lot to write on repeated occasions in the front of a book. You might want to consider getting it on some sort of easy-use rubber stamp, with a line where you can just add in the name.

Um, not that I'm suggesting that there are a lot of people who have shafted you. As it were. Missus.

Oh dear, and this comment started out so promisingly ...

12:40 pm  

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