31 July 2007

A man just asked to photgraph my breasts




Blogger An Unreliable Witness said...

It probably meant he was going to use a coloured filter.

Or take it at a jaunty angle.

I know a lot about photography, me.

3:45 am  
Blogger Ani said...

Katie, that is what they all say.

Next thing you know, your breasts have their own website with more hits than your blog ever dreamed of.

Just saying. :)

10:34 am  
Blogger Katie said...

Mr Witness - yes. Maybe at a jaunty angle *and* with a filter.

Ani - My blog gets 27 hits a day. If my breasts did not get more than that, I would be mortally wounded.

12:38 pm  
Blogger The Goldfish said...

My breasts are already at a jaunty angle. And a rather odd colour. I guess I am a living work of art.

1:36 pm  
Blogger An Unreliable Witness said...

Twenty-seven hits a day? I think you jest, Miss Everyone Else Has a Blog. I refresh this page at least once an hour, so that's 24 hits a day right there.

8:01 pm  
Blogger marmiteboy said...

If a man came up to me and asked to photograph my breasts I'd do it. For money obviously ;-)

8:09 am  
Blogger Katie said...

Mr Witness, 27 is what my Stats tell me. However, now this page can be accessed via the Google search 'Photograph Breasts', I am quietly confident that will increase.

Marmite, it was a man I know. Not, like, on the street. A married man too! That's where the 'artistically' came in. I think.

4:31 pm  
Blogger marmiteboy said...

Ah, that is an entirely different matter. I imagine an awkward silence or a thump round the earhole.

6:24 pm  
Blogger Katie said...

Um, the advantage of email is that there is no awkward silence. And he is a photographer. A married photographer who doesn't ordinarily take pictures of breasts and does definitely fancy me.


9:08 pm  
Blogger Tallguy said...

I'm a former professional photographer and ti si possible to photograph breasts artistically. Never done it myself mind....

Just be proud that someone suggested it Kate!

Shall i come round with my camera? :-)

10:39 pm  

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