10 June 2006

On the important question of

Exhaustion vs Pain

I do find pain is easier to manage. I can do things when I'm in pain, I just have to be careful what.

When I'm exhausted, I can't do bugger all, and yet I try and it's rubbish.


Blogger The Goldfish said...

Oh absolutely. It is funny how generally, society takes pain far more seriously than exhaustion. Mind you, mostly folks say they are exhausted when really they are naturally tired.

However, as someone who has my fair share of both, fatigue/ exhaustion are far greater impairments than pain. It is the exhausttion which renders me unemployable.

That having said, if your painkillers zonk you out, it is sometimes worth being zonked for the respite. Apart from the fact that zonking painkillers tend to numb your frustration some as well.

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