05 May 2010

In the interests of fairness.

I should say that one of the candidates sent a detailed reply to my email this evening. At 8:30pm. Immediately after one of her party faithful had landed on my doorstep.

He could not, off the top of his head, answer my disability-related question. Surprise.

So there we are.

Which of these things do we suppose my suddenly disability aware candidate is most interested in 11 hours before the polls open:

1. The needs of disabled people
2. Getting me to vote for her

Incidentally, voting requires me to scale a huge hill. This will involve either money or pain. I should, rightfully, have asked her to give me a lift to the polling station.


Blogger Damon Lord said...

A bit late now, but for next time....

I believe that if the constituency organisation (of whichever party has got their act together) could offer to give you a lift to the polls, although it's not obligatory to offer. Doing so will make them think they might win your vote, although you don't have to tell them who you're voting for of course.

12:20 pm  
Blogger Katie said...

The Green Party would've had to piggy back me...

Actually, that was a cheap joke, I don't think the Greens mind disableds using taxis where there's no alternative...

10:06 pm  

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