09 December 2007

On thinking there must be a conspiracy against you

[Large, Intimidating] Pharmacist: Miss EveryoneElseHasABlog?
Me: Yes.
Ph: I'm afraid I cannot dispense this prescription.
Me: Gosh. Why?
Ph: What your doctor has written does not make sense.
Me: Oh. But. Surely it only says, 'please give this lady some steroids'.
Ph: Yes, I can see about the steroids, that's fine, but I don't understand the second thing.
Me: What second thing?
Ph: He has written you should have steroids, and then a second drug which I don't understand.
Me: But it is just the steroids. My consultant explained it to me.
Ph: No there is definitely something else.
Me: No, just steroids. He wrote me a letter explaining it.
Ph: Do you have the letter with you?
Me: No. [And even if I did it would be none of your business, you prick.]
Ph: I cannot dispense this prescription without seeing that letter.
Me: Why not [you prick]?
Ph: Because this prescription is not clear.
Me: I really don't understand. He just said I have to take steroids once every six hours for 48 hours and then go for a blood test. He is testing my glands. There is nothing else.
Ph: It does not say anything about a blood test on this prescription. It says about you having the steroids then something else.
Me: [Of course he hasn't written the blood test on the effing prescription, he is not expecting you to dispense it to me.] Look...
Ph: I need to see the letter.
Me: [I am going to kill you.] OK. Please give me the 'scrit back
Ph: [Hands it to me.] Sorry.
Me: I think I might be able to help you. Is it this bit here you don't understand?
Ph: Yes.
Me: Because it says, 'then measure cortisol levels'.
Ph: Really?
Me: Yes.
Ph: [Takes 'script back]. Oh! So it does!
Me: [You are a patronising idiot.]


Blogger andre said...

effing NHS

3:47 pm  
Blogger Simeā„¢ said...

um... I make it my personal goal to get my prescriptions without visiting my doctor. I have managed to do it every single time, I have even had a chemist i'd never been to before call my doctor once and confirm that I had indeed been there to the doctors before. I don't see this is bad, see, I'm saving my doctor an appointment because he's just going to do a peak flow test [which I do myself] and then give me a prescription for the same old same old.. [which I can clearly get myself] Does this make me a bad person?...

2:20 am  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

This having a mystery complaint thing isn't really going all that well, is it?

8:05 pm  
Blogger Tallguy said...

Katie is not so much a mystery, more an Enigma.....

8:58 pm  

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