28 July 2006

Of course, what I meant to say in the last post was



Blogger The Goldfish said...

Was clear to me.

Registered Disabled Persons Card?

I googled this exact phrase and it came up with a sum total of one result, which referred to someone acquiring such a thing in 1954.

You know, they can't actually force you to stand. They could have you arrested but they would look extremely stupid.

Do you not have a Disabled Persons' railcard? Wouldn't that be proof enough?

2:24 pm  
Blogger Katie said...

I offered to be arrested. That would have been fun. I would have liked to make the statement about what happened in a public court. They were strangely reluctant.

I don't have a Disabled Persons' Railcard because every time I look at the form I want to cry. And because I'd need to get proof I get DLA and that takes ages. And because you don't get disabled person's discounts when you buy tickets from the machine, and queuing at the office takes ages, and.. Life's too short, basically.

4:48 pm  

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