29 September 2007

People searching the internet for information have found this blog instead and will now be sorely disappointed

For example:

1. My autobiography title (AOL)
2. It is NB for everyone (Google)
3. Cameron Diaz bunion (Google)
4. I hate Alex (Google)
5. Jogger's nipple (Google)
6. My breasts blog (Polish Google)
7. Cut eyebrows (Google)
8. I hate Alex (AOL)
9. Please press my breasts (Google)
10. Ex boyfriends (Google)

I do not think I can offer advice on any of the above, except Cameron Diaz's bunions. She does indeed have them. So does Oprah. And Victoria Beckham. Look closely next time you see them wearing strappy sandals.


Blogger Ani said...

Gosh. Poor Alex.

2:52 am  
Blogger Katie said...

Poor Cameron.

10:55 am  

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