15 October 2006

Things I am too old for #1

1. Clubbing
2. Shopping on Oxford Street on a Saturday
3. Staying up past 2am

I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fab poem, thanks for the link. I love the coffee spoons ...

I think you'll find 'da kidz' wear their trousers rolled up too these days. I know, because although I am well over the hill, I am too small to wear adult clothing, and those funky dolls they dress up in Gap are definitely sporting turn-ups.

Though of course, if you were in Oxford Street on a Saturday you probably saw that. Did you notice that Boots on Ox St has Christmas decorations up? I thought it was respectable to at least wait until Tesco had taken down their pumpkins ...

10:07 am  

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