03 April 2011

The most disconcerting thing about alopecia...

... is the amount of hair I'm pulling out of my mouth.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kate,

I get that feeling that you think I may be stalking you, well, I'm not. It's just Nicky Corp has seen your blog and was concerned about you and didn't want to go via facebook....Anyroads up, she's at mustard management if you want to drop her a line.


2:28 pm  
Blogger Katie said...

PS - tell her all is fine!

1:14 am  
Blogger Katie said...

Oh, suddenly it all makes sense... Will drop her a line. Thanks for persevering, much appreciated x

1:15 am  
Blogger Unknown said...


8:56 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm loving your writing style, not surprised you and Nicky got along so well.....

1:37 pm  

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