30 October 2007

A lesson in subtlety


26 October 2007

My library fine totals thirteen pounds and twelve new pence

which even by my standards is quite good going.

I could tell you that this is all disability-related and why I get paid DLA, but you'd only report me to the Daily Mail.

True, though.

25 October 2007

Oh dear

That was a flash in the pan, no?

23 October 2007

Look! Look!

I am updating this blog on a daily basis!

A confession

I have not updated my blog for almost a week!

16 October 2007

Some people have no shame

and write about their wombs in national newspapers.


14 October 2007

I know, I know

The building I live in is even more beautiful than my own fair face.

13 October 2007

The pixies have stolen my brain

They say I can have it back, but only when I have had every ounce of bodily fluid analysed for every know human condition, and a few marsupial ones.

They are bastards, the pixies.

09 October 2007


Since you asked, I paid two new pence.

Yes, I am bitter

but that's why you love me.

06 October 2007

Someone in Brighton Pathology

is creating a monster.

05 October 2007


Betty is not Ugly.

I am not dead


01 October 2007

Hooray for me!

I am confusing the medical profession.