30 December 2006

To be sheer air, and mousseline!

NB: He is not the Messiah. In case you wondered.

Also I am aware that of which I have recently been might constitute a grammatical sin of some kind.

And I don't care.

It's why Dante invented the Seventh Circle of Hell, I'm sure.

Something of which I have recently been reminded

Because he will be looking for me now and I wanted to leave him some clues. So he knows when he's arrived.

And because it's a poem I like very much and I had quite forgotten how much it is that I do like it until this morning.

And because I think my copy of Mop mop georgette is at the bottom of that box, and I wish I'd remembered to get it out.

29 December 2006


And relax.

23 December 2006

Look, Sir, it's all very well...

... you warning me he's a bit drunk, but he's also helping me carry my case up the stairs, so he's all right by me.

And if you really do have concern for my welfare, how about offering to help me with my stuff.

Merry Christmas, Mr Drunk Man, I hope you have a good one.


20 December 2006

Today it would seem

I am grumpy.

Tony Blair

should make drinking on Tuesday illegal.

17 December 2006

Things I have learnt about myself this weekend

Apparently I have a very tiny back.

And that's someone's professional opinion.

And my breasts have shrunk.

And I nearly got killed on Oxford Street and it's not even the Saturday before Christmas.

And I haven't even dented the shopping yet.

And if my mother and I get as far as next weekend without murdering each other over the travel arrangements, it will be a miracle.

11 December 2006

And breathe out

Gotta love days off.

Now, anyone know a cheap massage place that can get the knots out of my shoulders...?

10 December 2006

Oh! So worth it

So then, I bought another dress. But I am graduating on Wednesday and it will look fabulous and it will last me forever.

And next time I am moaning about having no money, just refer me back to this post.

You know it's expensive when you realise that if it cost half the price you would still think it was dear.

09 December 2006

Offline, Offcolour, Offpiste

That's all.

07 December 2006

About the dimples

[I don't like this post anymore so I have removed it, and I'll have a girlie fist fight with anyone who says I should put it back up because I shan't.]

03 December 2006

I do hope that when you wake up in the morning

you realise the overtight neon reflective jacket was a mistake