30 June 2006

It's not just you

If it's any consolation, I haven't seen my housemate in a week.

27 June 2006


This post has been removed in order to assuage my general paranoia.

25 June 2006

I do want to be

a Quaker. And yet when my presence at a book launch is required, it's so easy to stumble into a chi-chi boutique and spend £[amount deleted for reasons of taste and decency] on a frock. So easy.

If I wear it every day for the rest of summer, it might count as moderation. Perhaps.

It's a bloody good frock, though.

24 June 2006

Am I proper yet?

Here's where I point out that if you loved me you'd buy this anthology. And also that I am having my eyebrows waxed tomorrow in compensation for not being able to have my hair cut because my fringe is covering my glasses and my glasses are wonky because the screw broke and I don't have time to get them fixed and they don't look wonky so long as my car crash fringe is flopping over the right bit and I've got to turn up at the launch and look vaguely presentable. I say vaguely. Eyebrow-shaping is the poor girl's haircut. Seriously.

Yes, I'm a feminist. Yes, I'm going to have an eyebrow wax. Yes, I do have a startle reflex. Yes, that could be interesting.

19 June 2006

Send me ice cream

I have eaten more food in the last 72 hours than possibly ever before. And I'm still hungry.

15 June 2006

Not so much the tired

Now more the happy. That's good.

10 June 2006

On the important question of

Exhaustion vs Pain

I do find pain is easier to manage. I can do things when I'm in pain, I just have to be careful what.

When I'm exhausted, I can't do bugger all, and yet I try and it's rubbish.

06 June 2006

Some Acheivements Should Be Celebrated

Oh yes.

Today I have used the word 'fuck' (or variations thereof) more frequently than ever before in my tiny little life. And that really is saying something. AND I was so justified in my deployment of that word that that my boss - on hearing what I had to say - began using it himself and broke his own personal best.

Fucking great, I say.

03 June 2006

Go Away, Creepy Man

Do not follow me to the station again. Never. I really don't care if you're trying to be friendly and I'm coming over a bit London. Don't.

01 June 2006

Ow Ow Ow

My head hurts. Not in an actual hurting way. In an existential way. You see how that happens?