30 October 2005


There are a variety of life-expectancy tests available on the internet. Tonight, I have filled in a selection of them.

According to the internet, I will live to be somewhere between 89 and 102 years old, and should fasten my seatbelt more often and eat fewer chips. This is bollocks.

My age at death will have nothing to do with the physical or moral fortitude I display during life. I could die tomorrow. It would be rotten luck, but that is all it would be.

NB: I am not planning to die tomorrow.

27 October 2005

By the Way

Swimming is good. Very good.

26 October 2005

I am

the only person who reads my blog.


make me laugh. Or some of them do. Some of them are so convinced they have a better deal in life than disableds. Poor, misguided fools.

24 October 2005


keeps you awake at night.

This weekend

was more interesting than last weekend, but I still can't think of anything much you'd be interested in reading about.

23 October 2005


I am no longer feeling like a bad person. I am feeling like a fat person, but that is not the same thing at all.

22 October 2005


If I sold my entire CD collection on ebay, how much would I make, and would it be worth it?

NB: I am craving crisps big style right now. In all likelyhood, I will die of some kind of heart attack within the next few weeks.

19 October 2005


For various reasons, I am feeling like I might be a bad person. I had beans on toast for dinner. Not that that's why I'm feeling guilty, but I did. Just so you know.

17 October 2005


I didn't go out in the end.

I ate a sausage sandwich for lunch. I did some MA work, but not much. Not as much as I needed to do.

I started writing a short story. It wasn't very good. I watched a lot of telly.

I danced around my room to an old Pulp album.

That's all I did. It's 3am. I'm going to bed.

16 October 2005

My Weekend

I've just worked out why I never had a blog before.

A friend came to stay on Friday and we ate cake all day yesterday. It was a nice cake and a nice friend, but what we did and talked about really is of no interest to anyone else.

Today, I woke up at ten, drank a lot of coffee and read a friend's essay. She wanted some feedback on it. It was a good essay, and I told her so. Now I am going to find something to eat and do some MA work.

This is how thrilling my life is. Can't imagine why it's never occured to me I should be blogging it until now.

12 October 2005

Frida Kahlo and John Banville

Everyone else I know is posting about how they went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Tate Modern. So did I.

Frida Kahlo is great. It was really good to see so many of her paintings in one place.

The day I went, the gallery was full to bursting with lesbians and cripples. This pleased me.

John Banville won the Booker Prize yesterday. Everyone says this is surprising. I don't see why.

11 October 2005

I Can't Think of Anything to Post

Am I therefore a Bad Person?

Just checking.

10 October 2005

This is my first post.

Oh yes. Hi.